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During this 30-day reporting period, a total of 402 different nicks were represented on #rockbox.

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Most active nicks
 NickNumber of linesWhen?Last seenRandom quote
1 Paul Louden111431294166542today"markun: Can you explain what he's saying to me then?" Paul Louden
2 Thomas Martitz108122857172624today"you need 2 turn times per second or so to even start skipping." Thomas Martitz
3 Alex Parker6906824133465today"What are you going to add?" Alex Parker
4 Jonathan Gordon639253170216today"also.. its most liekly out of date already anyway" Jonathan Gordon
5 Michael Giacomelli58317216103292today"since people like I will assume you have the sense not to do it" Michael Giacomelli
6 Frank Gevaerts5393318104384today"the sections it refers to are in the imx31 manual" Frank Gevaerts
7 Dave Chapman5113678171226today"froggyman: Does it work in Apple's USB mode?" Dave Chapman
8 Jens Arnold45714612043148today"The wakeup happens after the next yield-around" Jens Arnold
9 Dominik Riebeling450211656357today"domonoky: for the ui rework it would be good to try using signals" Dominik Riebeling
10 Jonas Häggqvist43713712971914 days ago"In which meaning it conveys, that is" Jonas Häggqvist
11 Mohamed Tarek3901345119213today"markun : Hi :) .. Thanks a lot" Mohamed Tarek
12 Andrew Mahone323146932856today"i would *strongly* suggest that you choose a supported target if" Andrew Mahone
13 Daniel Stenberg3053610345121today"JdGordon: thanks, I've updated the info now" Daniel Stenberg
14 Marianne Arnold277296310184today"it could show up on more pages then though..." Marianne Arnold
15 Maurus Cuelenaere23925411733 days ago"kugel: so just removing that should fix it," Maurus Cuelenaere
16 Austin Appel236109701641today"saratoga: you are now cloaked" Austin Appel
17 Bryan Childs2206569866 days ago"wpyh: that's nothing to do with 5G vs 5.5G" Bryan Childs
18 Boris Gjenero2179869505 days ago"Volume changes lead to clicks, but that's due to the codec chip." Boris Gjenero
19 Dominik Wenger2143127156today"bluebrother: thats a error, will fix." Dominik Wenger
20 evilnick20628827143today"Glad to hear that webguest13"
21 Hilton Shumway20680126yesterday"Microsoft encrypted the Zune firmware and whatnot"
22 Robert Menes2032573105today"soap: I don't remember, sorry." Robert Menes
23 Bertrik Sikken183121932120today"oh wait, let me look a bit closer" Bertrik Sikken
24 Karl Kurbjun1777652462 days ago"kugel, for the logs, it looks like the lcd_sleep functionality is" Karl Kurbjun
25 Delyan Kratunov17716261352 days ago"gevaerts: can't you detect the host OS somehow? :)" Delyan Kratunov

These didn't make it to the top:
M4ndril (175) David Hall (151) froggyman (142) tmzt (134) jaykay (133)
Bensawsome (121) M4ndri (114) hittudiv (109) Tomer Shalev (106) BryanJacobs (103)
Rafaël Carré (98) DarkSpectrum (95) yash (93) motionman95 (90) webguest65 (89)
FlynDice (85) fml (83) martian67 (81) stingray_shrey (78) schrottplatz (78)
myndz\ (74) ajb (73) yashwa7 (73) Arc (72) cornwall (72)
Peter D'Hoye (70) Michael Carr (68) Dave Hooper (68) Björn Stenberg (65) raymanism (63)

By the way, there were 347 other nicks.

Big numbers
Is Tomer Shalev stupid or just asking too many questions? 50.0% lines contained a question!
BdN3504 didn't know that much either. 50.0% of his/her lines were questions.
The loudest one was BdN3504, who yelled 11.4% of the time!
Another old yeller was motionman95, who shouted 11.1% of the time!
It seems that webguest60's shift-key is hanging: 2.8% of the time he/she wrote UPPERCASE.
For example, like this:
     <webguest60> MP3*

codesquid just forgot to deactivate his/her Caps-Lock. He/She wrote UPPERCASE 2.5% of the time.
Dominik Riebeling is a very aggressive person. He attacked others 1 times.
For example, like this:
     * bluebrother slaps domonoky with rbsettings.{cpp,h}

Linus Nielsen Feltzing can't control his aggressions, either. He picked on others 1 times.
Poor his, nobody likes him/her. He/She was attacked 2 times.
For example, like this:
     * Buschel slaps his WLAN-stick

Dominik Wenger seems to be unliked too. He got beaten 1 times.
Mustapha Senhaji brings happiness to the world. 23.1% lines contained smiling faces. :)
Marcoen Hirschberg isn't a sad person either, smiling 22.2% of the time.
Bensawsome seems to be sad at the moment: 15.7% lines contained sad faces. :(
schrottplatz is also a sad person, crying 6.4% of the time.
Andrew Mahone wrote the longest lines, averaging 150.6 letters per line.
#rockbox average was 63.7 letters per line.
Mapatti_ wrote the shortest lines, averaging 16.5 characters per line.
webguest36 was tight-lipped, too, averaging 22.1 characters.
Paul Louden spoke a total of 15563 words!
Paul Louden's faithful follower, Thomas Martitz, didn't speak so much: 10101 words.
Unhelpfu- wrote an average of 66.00 words per line.
Channel average was 11.58 words per line.

Most used words
 Word Number of Uses Last Used by
1 there 806 webguest60
2 would 715 Mohamed Tarek
3 should 652 Marianne Arnold
4 about 569 webguest60
5 think 567 Paul Louden
6 could 421 Frank Gevaerts
7 which 392 Dominik Riebeling
8 build 352 Dominik Riebeling
9 really 341 Alex Parker
10 right 337 webguest60

Most referenced nicks
 Nick Number of Uses Last Used by
1 a 4047 Alex Parker
2 rockbox 1310 Mohamed Tarek
3 Thomas Martitz 338 Marcoen Hirschberg
4 Paul Louden 222 Mohamed Tarek
5 Dave Chapman 220 Michael Giacomelli

Most referenced URLs
 URL Number of Uses Last Used by
1 http://www.rockbox.org 7 Alex Parker
2 http://www.rockbox.org/twiki/bin/view/Main/SansaE200RInstall 5 Bensawsome
3 http://www.rockbox.org/wiki/PluginMpegplayer 4 Alex Parker
4 https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/355998 4 salty-horse
5 http://www.rockbox.org/tracker/task/9955 3 evilnick

Other interesting numbers
Nice opers here, no one got kicked!
Strange, no op was given on #rockbox!
Wow, no op was taken on #rockbox!
Jonathan Gordon always lets us know what he's doing: 54 actions!
For example, like this:
     * JdGordon| spots an active Bagder

Also, Thomas Martitz tells us what's up with 50 actions.
M4ndril talks to him/herself a lot. He/She wrote over 5 lines in a row 5 times!
Another lonely one was M4ndri, who managed to hit 4 times.
robin0800 couldn't decide whether to stay or go. 137 joins during this reporting period!
rockbox has quite a potty mouth. 0.9% words were foul language.
VirtualDistance also makes sailors blush, 0.8% of the time.

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www.rockbox.org | Please read before speaking: http://www.rockbox.org/wiki/IrcGuidelines 28 days ago at 09:11 by Daniel Stenberg
Please read before speaking: http://www.rockbox.org/wiki/IrcGuidelines | Good news! After 5 months of negotiations, Apple has finally agreed to our terms and Rockbox is now an enthusiasic part of Apple's development team! | Devs: please stop reporting errors with SVN access - it has been revoked. | Users: only iPod builds will now be downloadable. Any further distribution of unsupported builds is a breach of copyright and will be dealt with 29 days ago at 11:29 by Austin Appel
Please read before speaking: http://www.rockbox.org/wiki/IrcGuidelines | Good news! After 5 months of negotiations, Apple has finally agreed to our terms and Rockbox is now an enthusiasic part of Apple's development team! | Devs: please stop reporting errors with SVN access - it has been revoked. | Users: only iPod builds will now be downloadable 29 days ago at 11:22 by Austin Appel
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