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Most active nicks
 NickNumber of linesWhen?Last seenRandom quote
1 Jens Arnold15641627869311863373063631today"(iirc the OF does that too)" Jens Arnold
2 Thom Johansen11348525613669439339418393 days ago"a speex frame _always_ consists of 20 ms :>" Thom Johansen
3 Paul Louden10287332907249661846826532210 days ago"They should all be associated with at least an email address." Paul Louden
4 Daniel Stenberg998159025301933450726090124 days ago"if you're not hiding in China" Daniel Stenberg
5 Dave Chapman9356116929116073279032235133 days ago"Not afaik. There's line-in though." Dave Chapman
6 Jonathan Gordon923182104831368315118391today"[Saint]: are we still using a deprecated tool to make the apk?" Jonathan Gordon
7 Zakk Roberts8688747973211532836149251829 days ago"whew. okay. fair enough. that was really confusing.." Zakk Roberts
8 Linus Nielsen Feltzing856601183332472288281252711 days ago"i remember doing that back in the day" Linus Nielsen Feltzing
9 Thomas Martitz675061332753441843330402yesterday"pamaury: yes, I was talking about that" Thomas Martitz
10 Hayden Pearce6285715699196191723510304today"(bluez being the BT stack used)"
11 Frank Gevaerts55589715128271515530456today"And as I said, that's been seen on at least the ipod mini :)" Frank Gevaerts
12 Björn Stenberg509435249123771995113366yesterday"added my name to the wiki page now" Björn Stenberg
13 Dominik Riebeling45340455533201005927406today"it has a couple of lines like this:" Dominik Riebeling
14 Michael Giacomelli436111793329292983197662 days ago"bertrik: is it known who made the AMS SD controller?" Michael Giacomelli
15 Michael Sevakis423421029681321088813026today"the mutex is only around the switchover code" Michael Sevakis
16 Torne Wuff36903372915962010911469179 days ago"but then you're doing dynamic linking :)" Torne Wuff
17 Bryan Childs3600611449173856981today"I think he sold it, and spent the money on hookers and blow :D" Bryan Childs
18 Alex Parker3483439582063948919324today"We should have an option to select which to use" Alex Parker
19 Marianne Arnold3454955975825956213565today"it is (made to do so in the latex part, you can't simply use the" Marianne Arnold
20 Rafaël Carré3331151513910936514885today"but if OF won't boot it's likely broken" Rafaël Carré
21 Jonas Häggqvist3320380792613896013551yesterday"gevaerts: maybe it got smarter since I touched it :)" Jonas Häggqvist
22 Michiel Van Der Kolk28657668418859596104922709 days ago"they said a comma separated list o-o" Michiel Van Der Kolk
23 Marcoen Hirschberg2819028325795125107053today"below some bitrate I guess it's just the SILK codec?" Marcoen Hirschberg
24 Austin Appel28078876711400301149002 days ago"gevaerts: this page is encouraging: http://forums.rockbox.org/ind" Austin Appel
25 Peter D'Hoye2696433646125835091252 days ago"also, interest in joining devcon seems low this year..." Peter D'Hoye

These didn't make it to the top:
Jörg Hohensohn (26171) Amaury Pouly (25134) Nils Wallménius (25055) Steve Bavin (24066) Alexander Spyridakis (21485)
Nicolas Pennequin (21290) Mikael Magnusson (20926) Michael Sparmann (19697) Miika Pekkarinen (19248) Bertrik Sikken (17553)
ze (16359) Brandon Low (15751) Tomas Salfischberger (15249) Magnus Öman (15095) Marcin Bukat (14552)
Jose Maria Garcia-Valdecasas Bernal (13992) David Hall (13838) Hristo Kovachev (13018) Dominik Wenger (12988) Robert Menes (12888)
Matt Bridge (12865) Bluechip (12780) Andrew Mahone (11913) copper (11798) Robert Hak (10942)
Martin Arver (10641) Dave Hooper (10596) tracktheripper (10477) Andrew Pilley (9607) langhaarrocker (9376)

By the way, there were 21828 other nicks.

Big numbers
Is crzyboyster stupid or just asking too many questions? 52.7% lines contained a question!
lee321987 didn't know that much either. 48.0% of his/her lines were questions.
The loudest one was Snorlax, who yelled 31.3% of the time!
Another old yeller was Martin Scarratt, who shouted 26.8% of the time!
It seems that drfsupercenter's shift-key is hanging: 7.6% of the time he/she wrote UPPERCASE.
For example, like this:
     <drfsupercenter> OK

Phantom just forgot to deactivate his/her Caps-Lock. He/She wrote UPPERCASE 5.2% of the time.
Peter D'Hoye is a very aggressive person. He attacked others 118 times.
For example, like this:
     * petur kicks robin0800

Jonathan Gordon can't control his aggressions, either. He picked on others 107 times.
Poor forehead, nobody likes him/her. He/She was attacked 92 times.
For example, like this:
     * bluebroth3r slaps forehead

his seems to be unliked too. He/She got beaten 83 times.
TMM brings happiness to the world. 31.1% lines contained smiling faces. :)
cadu isn't a sad person either, smiling 27.8% of the time.
ghode|afk seems to be sad at the moment: 8.2% lines contained sad faces. :(
Anton Romanov is also a sad person, crying 7.2% of the time.
Andrew Mahone wrote the longest lines, averaging 122.0 letters per line.
#rockbox average was 51.3 letters per line.
Harry wrote the shortest lines, averaging 15.3 characters per line.
TotMacher was tight-lipped, too, averaging 15.9 characters.
Jens Arnold spoke a total of 1818516 words!
Jens Arnold's faithful follower, Paul Louden, didn't speak so much: 1408094 words.
cmdbbq wrote an average of 86.00 words per line.
Channel average was 9.47 words per line.

Most used words
 Word Number of Uses Last Used by
1 there 117438 invalid
2 think 100549 Amaury Pouly
3 should 91300 Jonathan Gordon
4 about 86716 Hayden Pearce
5 could 64104 copper
6 which 60642 Frank Gevaerts
7 right 49144 pamaury_
8 still 48795 copper
9 really 48072 copper
10 build 42916 Michael Sparmann

Most referenced nicks
 Nick Number of Uses Last Used by
1 The 1507797 Michael Sparmann
2 I 893372 Michael Sparmann
3 To 810845 Michael Sparmann
4 A 638806 Michael Sparmann
5 In 354865 Michael Sparmann

Most referenced URLs
 URL Number of Uses Last Used by
1 http://www.rockbox.org 521 Björn Stenberg
2 http://www.rockbox.org/twiki/bin/view/Main/PluginMpegplayer 193 evilnick
3 http://www.rockbox.org/manual.shtml 189 Hayden Pearce
4 http://build.rockbox.org/ 167 chrisjj
5 http://www.rockbox.org/daily.shtml 141 chrisjj_

Other interesting numbers
qwm wasn't very popular, getting kicked 4 times!
For example, like this:
     *** qwm was kicked by Bagder

Satan seemed to be hated too: 3 kicks were received.
Daniel Stenberg is either insane or just a fair op, kicking a total of 64 people!
Daniel Stenberg's faithful follower, Linus Nielsen Feltzing, kicked about 31 people.
Robert Hak donated 25 ops in the channel...
Daniel Stenberg was also very polite: 25 ops from him.
Björn Stenberg is the channel sheriff with 39 deops.
Robert Hak deoped 29 users.
Jens Arnold always lets us know what he's doing: 8657 actions!
For example, like this:
     * amiconn still has that hub, btw

Also, Frank Gevaerts tells us what's up with 5972 actions.
Zakk Roberts talks to himself a lot. He wrote over 5 lines in a row 1311 times!
Another lonely one was Torne Wuff, who managed to hit 682 times.
Jonathan Gordon couldn't decide whether to stay or go. 6612 joins during this reporting period!
FCUK has quite a potty mouth. 8.3% words were foul language.
wut324ds also makes sailors blush, 5.6% of the time.

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