Iriver firmwares

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These files are unmodified versions of the iriver firmware for the H100, H120, H140, H320 and H340 players from iriver. I'm keeping them here because it seems that iriver is not very interested in keeping these platforms supported, so the firmware downloads become unavailable from time to time and may one day they be completely gone.

I cannot stress enough that you use these at your own risk. I have done everything I can to ensure that there are no fault in these files, but if there is, and you're very unlucky, you may end up rendering your iriver useless. The zip files are probably the safest to use, since the zip format includes (some) error checking to notify the user of broken files.

For what it's worth though, I haven't heard from anyone encountering problems from using these files, since I first posted them here in late 2005, so they're probably pretty safe.

.zip files

Model Version Region Link
H110/H115 1.63 EU H110(EU)
H110/H115 1.65 EU H110(EU)
H110/H115 1.66 EU H110(EU)
H110/H115 1.66 JP H110(JP)
H110/H115 1.63 KR H110(KR)
H110/H115 1.65 KR H110(KR)
H110/H115 1.66 KR H110(KR)
H110/H115 1.63 US H110(US)
H110/H115 1.65 US H110(US)
H110/H115 1.66 US H110(US)
H120/H140 1.63 EU H120(EU)
H120/H140 1.65 EU H120(EU)
H120/H140 1.66 EU H120(EU)
H120/H140 1.66 JP H120(JP)
H120/H140 1.63 KR H120(KR)
H120/H140 1.65 KR H120(KR)
H120/H140 1.66 KR H120(KR)
H120/H140 1.63 US H120(US)
H120/H140 1.65 US H120(US)
H120/H140 1.66 US H120(US)
H320/H340 1.28 EU H300(EU)
H320/H340 1.29 EU H300(EU)
H320/H340 1.28 JP H300(JP)
H320/H340 1.29 JP H300(JP)
H320/H340 1.28 KR H300(KR)
H320/H340 1.29 KR H300(KR)

Please note that the zip files with the Korean firmware contain an exe file that must be run to extract the .hex

.hex files

Model Version Region MD5 Link
H320/H340 1.28 EU 0b2083d37f24899b82d21a14d2b38060 H300-1.28-EU.hex
H320/H340 1.28 JP 7fcd7bca6b98a34134e2518a616f4e85 H300-1.28-JP.hex
H320/H340 1.28 KR c6f854ae3d8f48e8982819a4b5302fb0 H300-1.28-KR.hex
H320/H340 1.29 EU 27d90fc316709c096979ab24c914ee31 H300-1.29-EU.hex
H320/H340 1.29 JP 1ac242c645572a0a5de99ae2b23453b8 H300-1.29-JP.hex
H320/H340 1.29 KR 44416d97737fc47cd417a64d44064768 H300-1.29-KR.hex
H110/H115 1.63 EU 86103cb05658970b43ce1f40f93d53a8 ihp_100-1.63-EU.hex
H110/H115 1.63 KR 70127fa9ee69afab7645297fbb61636d ihp_100-1.63-KR.hex
H110/H115 1.63 US 7a504a450c76a0dda757fdb6b5531b22 ihp_100-1.63-US.hex
H110/H115 1.65 EU 478dc657b97e77d1b4944ef26c3dcb8e ihp_100-1.65-EU.hex
H110/H115 1.65 KR 97ba82fb8099bb23ca0c78fc119f8cce ihp_100-1.65-KR.hex
H110/H115 1.65 US d3725865e0948cd5f604b00db2ec89aa ihp_100-1.65-US.hex
H120/H140 1.63 EU 14488347a171480c63c94bc7b885225d ihp_120-1.63-EU.hex
H120/H140 1.63 KR 3401fe8845e569156abfaddf05ca7771 ihp_120-1.63-KR.hex
H120/H140 1.63 US d9078209105c186cee5246055fdb99c9 ihp_120-1.63-US.hex
H120/H140 1.65 EU c9e71aac4a498f1e2f0e684c2d554ea1 ihp_120-1.65-EU.hex
H120/H140 1.65 KR 360c0c565266f84e9bca610c596f3207 ihp_120-1.65-KR.hex
H120/H140 1.65 US b9e516d4b8a0265605f46f254897bfb0 ihp_120-1.65-US.hex
H120/H140 1.66 EU a094999b41781f4322a57b9be7fa4534 ihp_120-1.66-EU.hex
H120/H140 1.66 JP 271d151eb6586929da24b3458ea965fe ihp_120-1.66-JP.hex
H120/H140 1.66 KR 79daba973bb31b60b4b87c2ef497587d ihp_120-1.66-KR.hex
H120/H140 1.66 US 7fa020a3104c76fbbfcb8313e287dbe2 ihp_120-1.66-US.hex Last updated Sat Jun 14 20:29:56 CEST 2008