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Move the map below and marker around using the mouse, until your location is marked by the marker (you'll probably need to use zoom). You do not have to get it accurate down to street level (in fact, that's probably not a wise idea), just getting the city or general area correct will be fine. Alternatively, you can use the search field further down the page.

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You can use this field to lookup your coordinates quickly, without having to navigate the map. Works best for North American locations, but might work elsewhere as well. Specifying your country is a good idea (eg. "Rome, Italy"). Check the map if possible, to verify that the search found the right location.

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Fill in as many of the details below as you like (the only requirement is you have to fill in at least one of alias and full name). You do not have to enter an email-address. After submitting, you will be given a key that can be used if you wish to edit your entry later. If you do enter an email, it will give you the option of retrieving this key if you lose it. I will never use it for anything but key-retrieval.

Note that if you enter the latitude and longitude by hand, it must be in decimal format (Not degrees, minutes, seconds).

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