Tango multimedia player icons

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These icons were mostly done by Simon Pascal Klein and André Wyrwa. All icons are made available under the terms of the GNU GPL version 2. See COPYING for full details.

According to Simon, he also plans to submit his icons for inclusion in gnome-icon-theme-extras and the Tango desktop project's icon library. I'm mirroring them here merely for convenience.

Other Tango-style icons of devices:

Name 16x16 22x22 24x24 32x32 48x48 Author
iaudio-m5_black Simon Pascal Klein
iaudio-m5_silver Simon Pascal Klein
ipod-classic4g Simon Pascal Klein
ipod-mini_blue Simon Pascal Klein
ipod-mini_green Simon Pascal Klein
ipod-mini_pink Simon Pascal Klein
ipod-mini_silver Simon Pascal Klein
ipod-nano3g_black Simon Pascal Klein
ipod-nano3g_blue Simon Pascal Klein
ipod-nano3g_green Simon Pascal Klein
ipod-nano3g_red Simon Pascal Klein
ipod-nano3g_white Simon Pascal Klein
iriver-clix André Wyrwa
iriver-clix_dock André Wyrwa
iriver-h10_blue Simon Pascal Klein
iriver-h10_red Simon Pascal Klein
iriver-h300 Simon Pascal Klein
iriver-ihp140 Simon Pascal Klein
iriver-ihp140_v1 Simon Pascal Klein
iriver-ihp140_v2 Simon Pascal Klein
iriver-s10 André Wyrwa
iriver-t10_black André Wyrwa
iriver-t10_blue André Wyrwa
iriver-t10_green André Wyrwa
iriver-t10_red André Wyrwa
iriver-t10_yellow André Wyrwa
iriver-t20_gold André Wyrwa
iriver-t20_red André Wyrwa
iriver-t20_silver André Wyrwa
iriver-t30_blue André Wyrwa
iriver-t30_green André Wyrwa
iriver-t30_red André Wyrwa
iriver-t30_silver André Wyrwa
iriver-t60_black André Wyrwa
iriver-t60_blue André Wyrwa
iriver-t60_white André Wyrwa
sansa-e200 Simon Pascal Klein & Ashley Kyd
toshiba-gigabeatf Simon Pascal Klein

Download all these icons (and their SVG source) in this tarball. The naming scheme is as follows:

multimedia-player-$COMPANY-$MODEL$REVISION_$COLOUR/ 16x16/ multimedia-player-$COMPANY-$MODEL$REVISION_$COLOUR.png 22x22/ multimedia-player-$COMPANY-$MODEL$REVISION_$COLOUR.png 24x24/ multimedia-player-$COMPANY-$MODEL$REVISION_$COLOUR.png 32x32/ multimedia-player-$COMPANY-$MODEL$REVISION_$COLOUR.png 48x48/ multimedia-player-$COMPANY-$MODEL$REVISION_$COLOUR.png scalable/ multimedia-player-$COMPANY-$MODEL$REVISION_$COLOUR.svg multimedia-player-$COMPANY-$MODEL$REVISION_$COLOUR_16.svg multimedia-player-$COMPANY-$MODEL$REVISION_$COLOUR_22.svg multimedia-player-$COMPANY-$MODEL$REVISION_$COLOUR_24.svg multimedia-player-$COMPANY-$MODEL$REVISION_$COLOUR_32.svg multimedia-player-$COMPANY-$MODEL$REVISION_$COLOUR_48.svg
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